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11400 W. Olympic Blvd., #200, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

TEL: (310) 312-9558.
FAX: (310) 312-9557.


José M. Salgado -

SoftNI Corporation is a leader in the creation of viewer-oriented subtitling, closed captioning and dubbing solutions for the film, television, DVD and cable/satellite industries. Company’s most recent releases: the Subtitler Suite™ and the CaSat Suite™, open- architecture, multi-purpose family of subtitling products, designed to meet all possible subtitling needs, from the translation and subtitling of home videos by independent translators to the demand of multi- national cable/satellite services; the Cinema Subtitler™ for tradition- al and digital theatrical subtitling; the Live Subtitler™ and Live Captioner ™ which allow users to translate and add subtitles, closed captions and Teletext to live transmissions via cable, satellite and webcasting.


6180 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Ste. 245, N. Hollywood, CA 91606.
TEL: (818) 753-9181.
FAX: (818) 753-9617.


George Rimalower


(Closed-captioning, encoding, subtitling, webcast captioning, audio description)

World headquarters: 2438 27th Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN
TEL: (800) 822-3566, (612) 341-3566.

FAX: (612) 341-2345.


Max Duckler
Burbank, CA: 441 N. Varney, Burbank, CA 91502.
TEL: (818) 295-2500.
FAX: (818) 295-2509.
New York, NY: 159 W. 25th St., Ste. 1009, New York, NY
TEL: (212) 462-0060.
FAX: (212) 462-0061.
Washington, DC: 26171 Glasgow Dr., S. Riding, VA 20152.
TEL: (703) 347-7735.
FAX: (703) 327-7695.