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Market Research and Analysis Companies that provide service to Television, Video and Related Industries.

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P.O. Box 740, Groton, MA 01450.
TEL: (978) 448-0272.
FAX: (978) 448-9325.

William J. Quigley
A div. of QP Media, Inc. Publishers of The International Motion Picture Almanac and The International Television and Video Almanac. The International Motion Picture Almanac, published annually since 1930, includes thousands of company listings, credits for current films and films released in the prior five years, statistics and awards, and complete coverage of all aspects of the Industry, including production, distribution and exhibition. The International Television and Video Almanac is the companion to The International Motion Picture Almanac and has been pub- lished since 1955. Each edition contains over 500 pages of biog- raphies and an additional 600 pages of reference material on television programs, broadcast, cable and satellite, production services, the video industry, statistics and awards. Included are detailed listings for thousands of companies.


(Errors and omissions clearance; legal services)

8111 Beverly Blvd., #308, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

TEL: (323) 655-5464.
FAX: (323) 655-4770.


Callista Card


8812 Rainbow Ridge Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89117.
TEL: (702) 255-9460.

Harold Mintz
CinemaScore conducts film audience surveys, asking moviegoers to assign a letter grade of A to F to the film they just viewed. It also conducts surveys to determine other audience views and prefer- ences. It conducts a demographic breakdown of its survey results and sells this information to interested film industry companies.