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Companies that provide Stock Shots to Television, Video and Related Industries.

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13450 Sunsrise Blvd., Ste. 170, Sunrise, FL 33323.

TEL: (954) 343-8000, (818) 625-1606.
FAX: (954) 343-8001.

Collegiate Images is the centralized licensing and rights clear- ance agency that manages the ditribution of copyrighted intel- lectual property content, focusing exclusively on college sports.


16101 S. 108th Ave., Orland Park, IL 60467.

TEL: (800) 777-2223, (708) 460-0555.
FAX: (708) 460-0187.


Footage available from 1895-21st Century, Americana, classic commercials and industrial films, HD, historic, music, politics and UFO collection. Known for extensive historic footage, but the contemporary HD, film and video collections keep growing. Free expert research, free screeners (up to two hours per proj- ect) and a searchable online database are available.


Corporate Headquarters: 7435 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, CA
TEL: (800) 432-2904, (818) 989-2900.

FAX: (818) 904-3450.
Boeing Field Operations: 8285 Perimeter Rd. S, Seattle, WA
TEL: (800) 768-1101, (206) 762-6000.
Clay Lacy’s Astrovision equipped aircraft have filmed over 2,800 projects, including military, general aviation, airlines, television and feature films world-wide.