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New York: BBC Worldwide Americas, 747 Third Ave., 29th Flr.,
New York, NY 10017.
TEL: (212) 705-9399.
FAX: (212) 705-9342.


Los Angeles: BBC Worldwide, 4144 Lankershim Blvd., Ste. 200, N. Hollywood, CA 91602.
TEL: (818) 299-9720.
FAX: (818) 299-9763.

Access a range of unique, high-quality stock footage, ready to preview, purchase and immediately download. BBC is a gateway to 2.5 million hours of content offline and has expert researchers available to help customers find exactly what they need. See website for addtional offices worldwide.


Corporate Headquarters: 7435 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, CA
TEL: (800) 432-2904, (818) 989-2900.

FAX: (818) 904-3450.

Boeing Field Operations: 8285 Perimeter Rd. S, Seattle, WA
TEL: (800) 768-1101, (206) 762-6000.
Clay Lacys Astrovision equipped aircraft have filmed over 2,800 projects, including military, general aviation, airlines, television and feature films world-wide.